We all want what we don’t have. Women with a larger bosom want to minimize their bustlines while our clients with subtler curves are often looking for enhancement.

Some think the only way to manage this is with the number of a plastic surgeon, but before you put silicone into your breasts we recommend trying silicone outside your breasts with Flirt’s cleavage enhancers.

When women think of adding to their bustline, awful foam padding or maybe even a tissue box comes to mind. Flirt is completely different. Flirt makes a supple, silicone pad that fits in the bottom of your bra cup, pushing your breast up creating dramatic curves and cleavage.

Flirt’s breast enhancers are different because they mold to your body and heat to your body temperature. They are curved and tapered to blend seamlessly with your natural lines so no one outside your lingerie drawer need know why that plunging neckline looks so great.

Bring your date night outfit or your favorite t-shirt and try a pair to see if a good Flirt works for you.

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