At Secret Drawers Lingerie, our clients have many questions before they make an investment in fine lingerie. So today, we’d like to take a moment to answer five of your most common lingerie questions.

Our client have many lingerie questions and here, we at Secret Drawers Lingerie answer your most common lingerie questions (FAQs).

  1. Do bra extenders work? Should I get a bra extender?

Bra extenders may seem like a good idea but they actually don’t work because they completely throw off the engineering of a bra. Consider this: you wouldn’t get an extender for your shirt, so you shouldn’t’ get one for your bra either. And remember, no matter what size you are, there is a bra that will fit you perfectly.

  1. Do white bras go under white clothes?

It’s common misconception that if you want to wear white, you should have white underthings. Actually, you want a bra that matches your skin tone for an invisible look.

  1. Should you wear underwear under white pants?

Sometimes women think that in order to avoid people seeing their underwear, they should just go without under thin, white fabrics. Your best bet to hide panty lines is actually a nude thong or a nude panty, if you prefer.

  1. Why isn’t my bra size always the same?

A 36 C cup is not always a 36 C cup, believe it or not. Just as fashion lines run large or small depending on the designer, so do lingerie lines. Our best advice is not to look at the number and cup size but, rather, trust a lingerie professional to bring you something that will work best for your size and shape.

  1. How often should I wash my bra?

You should wash your bra every 2-3 wearings as your body oils will deteriorate the elastic and repeated wearings will stretch out your bra. Just like washing reshapes a shirt to being like new, washing a bra does the same thing. Ideally, you should hand wash with a gentle soap such as Forever New.

If your question hasn’t been answered above, please do pop in to see us and we’ll be happy to answer anything else you may want to know.

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