Check out the new floral Hanky Pankiy -- the Chloe. Now available at Secret Drawers Lingerie.The Hanky Panky just keeps coming and we’re always pleased when we get to announce a new design. Today’s new Hanky Panky design is the Chloe donning a feminine, floral print.

The Hanky Panky Chloe

While some floral designs are abstract, this floral comes right out and screams cheery flowers. These flowers are in greys and peaches which makes it perfect for the cooler days and colours of winter. Find these pieces in the classic and supremely comfortable classic Hanky Panky lace.

We are carrying the Hanky Panky Chloe in the cami, the chemise, the bralette, the boypant and the low and original rise thongs. This flirty piece is available in-store now and we guarantee its softness, fit and comfort.

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