Voilà! is a long-time maker of fine hosiery. Designed in Canada and made in Italy, a new pair of Voilà! can update your look in a snap.

And we don’t just stick to plain pantyhose with Voilà! No, we venture into the special and seductive territory that Voilà! does so well. To the right you’ll see an example of this in the Voilà! fishnet stayups. These stockings feature a double-wide silicone band with lace to keep the fishnets from slipping during the day – no garter belt required.

But some people want the va va voom without the feature of a stayup. For these people Voilà! makes pantyhose with backseaming. Trendy and retro, the look of these pantyhose are sophisticated, yet sexy.

Try the fishnet with a longer boot and the backseamed design with a short bootie for a truly fashionable look. (Click on the image for a more detailed view.)

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