The Most Comfortable Nursing Bra Ever

The Most Comfortable Nursing Bra Ever

Nursing bonds mother and child together in a way that nothing else does, but bras aren’t known to add to that experience. And while we can’t promise a quality nursing bra will help bonding, what we can say, is that a Bravado nursing bra will make the process easier, more comfortable and highlight your gentle curves between nursings.

Today we shine the spotlight on The Body Silk Seamless Nursing Bra by Bravado. This bra is not only fashionable with a Jacquard pattern, but it also meets all the requirements a new mom could have. This bra contains removable foam cups, cups that allow full access to the breast and nursing clips that are easy to open and close.

This award-winning bra attracts celebrities and the average mom alike. Come in a try it on to see how it melts into your body and provides nursing comfort like none other.

What do Angelina Jolie, Cate Blanchett, and Ellen Pompeo Have in Common?

What do Angelina Jolie, Cate Blanchett, and Ellen Pompeo Have in Common?

Other than being breathtaking, talented women, of course, they also happen to love Bravado lingerie! Between the three of them, they have ordered at least 16 of Bravado’s luxurious and comfortable maternity and nursing bras. And they aren’t the only ones.

All three picked up the Essential Nursing Bra Tank (seen right), designed to take a woman from early pregnancy, through to breastfeeding. This popular tank as been featured in lifestyle magazines like American Baby and In Style, and is available in six colors – there’s no need to give up fashion when you become a mother. This is the one piece of maternity wear you can throw on, and walk out the door feeling both comfortable and beautiful, safe in the knowledge that when baby is hungry, nursing will be easy to accommodate too.

The cotton/spandex top isn’t see-through, even in white, and it slides up to reveal a double-molded, full-support bra – no shelf-bras here! The well-designed clips on each strap allow for full breastfeeding access, but they are so discrete only you’ll know that this tank is for nursing.

Looking at the quality of the material and design, it’s obvious that Bravado understands that women want to feel stylish and comfortable at all points in their life.

And while at Secret Drawers Lingerie we do sell a lot of the tanks, even more popular is the Body Silk Seamless Nursing Bra (seen right). The number one word our customers use to describe this bra is “comfortable”. Women come back pregnancy after pregnancy to buy this bra. Moms ourselves, we agree – no woman should have to be uncomfortable just because she’s pregnant or nursing.

This bra has simple sizing of S-M-L-XL, accommodating from a 32B to a 46F. This works because the material is specifically designed to melt into your body, and flex and stretch with you throughout pregnancy and nursing. Four hooks on the back band also help adapt to changing sizes.

And just as great, this bra comes with removable foam cups to hide breast pads or nipples, and sturdy, easy-to-use clips allow for one-handed feeding access.

In every detail, Bravado owners, and moms, Kathryn and Shery show they understand what moms and soon-to-be-moms want.

Nena and I have chosen Bravado as our only line of maternity wear at Secret Drawers Lingerie for one simple reason – they’re the only bras we would wear if we were pregnant! In pregnancy, underwear definitely matters.

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