Simone Pérèle creates breathtaking pieces and the Kiss is no exception. Learn more about the vintage red Kiss by Simone Pérèle.Do you love red? We love red. Recently we have shown you a striking red Hanky Panky piece, but today, we want to show you a different side of red. Instead of an orange-red, today we’re featuring Simone Pérèle‘s new Kiss design in vintage red.

Kiss by Simone Pérèle

We believe this is an exquisite new design by Simone Pérèle. It’s not just that it’s in vintage red, although that does make it special, it’s also the single flower motif per cup and scalloped edging that make it stand out among the rest. Simone Pérèle’s Kiss uses embroidery atop layers of sheer fabric for peekaboo looks in both the bra and the pant.

This is a demi-cup design that will push you up and round out the look of your breasts. The bra straps are wide-set which is beautiful, although may not be a good choice if your bra straps are prone to slipping.

You can find Kiss by Simone Pérèle in sizes 34-38, cups B-F. We are also carrying the matching shorty or thong in sizes M-XL.

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