You need new lingerie for the new year -- trust us. And if exercising is a New Year's resolution for you, consider a new sports bra for motivation.We love the New Year. It’s great because it gives everyone a clean slate with which they can do anything. And already, we have women coming in who feel a new year deserves a new bra. We totally agree and are happy to help.

New Lingerie for the New Year, Including a New Sports Bra

We know some of you are making New Year’s resolutions. Why not make a New Year’s resolution to refresh your wardrobe? And, of course, if you’re refreshing what’s on top, you need the very best underthings to support it. A good bra can make you and your outfits look so much better and make you feel great; and what’s better than that in the new year?

And if exercising is in your New Year plan, make sure and drop by for a new sports bra for extra motivation. Remember, sports bras don’t have to be an uncomfortable, “uniboob” experience. Ask us how we can help.

In short, we hope you’ll pop by as part of your New Year’s plans. We’d love to see you.




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