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Bed Head or Bedhead?

April 16 2013 – Nena Bill

Bed Head or Bedhead?
Bed Head or Bedhead?

Bed head. When spelled this way it might make you think of jumbled, chaotic locks, but when Bedhead is spelled as one word, it means something else. Bedhead means classic comfort with a fun twist.

Bedhead is one of our best-selling sleepwear lines for a simple reason: they’re a long-lasting joy to wear. Once you invest in Bedhead, you’ll be enjoying it for years to come.

This week the new pattern we have in – and it’s going fast – is the Pink Holland Tulip both in a pj and in a short chemise. The pj is in a class voile and the chemise is in a stretch fabric. Both are 100% cotton.

Pink tulips pop on this young and happy style. These designs are perfect for warmer nights when you want to slip into something a little lighter. You’ll find sky blue detailing on both designs and an empire waste on the chemise.

And watch this space to be the first to see additional Bedhead styles due in. It’s time to spring into fresh Bedhead.