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Professional Bra Fittings

Professional Bra Fittings

Professional bra fittings are a large part of what we do at Secret Drawers Lingerie. These fittings are complementary and are provided to ensure that you get exactly the right bra for you. We always want you to leave feeling great about your new purchase. Feel free to make an appointment or just drop in and see us any time.

A professional bra fitting consists of:

  • We start by finding out about your needs and concerns. Big party to attend? Straps slipping? Sore shoulders? We can help with that.
  • We then take your measurements which can be done over your clothes, if you choose.
  • Various bra choices are then presented based on our knowledge of your shape, the fit of each bra and your, unique requirements.

Keep in mind that a professional bra fitting is discrete one-on-one time and our job, and very favorite thing, is finding what works best for you so make sure to keep an open mind about sizing as each line tends to fit differently.