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Minimalist Sleepwear as Soft as Skin

September 18 2014 – Vashti Lehrle

Minimalist Sleepwear as Soft as Skin
Minimalist Sleepwear as Soft as Skin

Women are always looking for comfortable sleepwear. Of course, “comfortable sleepwear” means different things to different people, but one of the things it pretty much always means is fabric that is soft to the touch and today we bring you a new line: Skin. Skin definitely fits that bill.

The skin pieces we are featuring today are the Sexy Slip (seen right) and its sister piece, the Sexy Gown (not shown). You’ll find the slip in a blueish pink called powder and the long gown in aubergine.

Skin pieces are made from a super-soft, stretch, double-layer jersey making them perfect, breathable pieces for sleep or for around the house. They are minimalist with an essence of zen.

And wearing Skin isn’t just a statement about fashion but it’s also a statement about sustainability as Skin works to create a holistic product that reflects the company’s vision of environmental responsibility and social fairness.

Find the slip, gown, and other Skin pieces in-store now in sizes S-XL.