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Modern Comfort by Nanso

February 27 2014 – Vashti Lehrle

Modern Comfort by Nanso
Modern Comfort by Nanso

Looking for casual sleepwear or maybe a comfy lounge outfit for your cruise? You might just be looking for Nanso.

The reason why we love Nanso is because it is so wearer-friendly. It’s often traditional shapes with the twist of a modern print. You can clearly see this in the outfit to the right. While that outfit would be at home in many closets, it’s uniquely reminiscent of an urban lifestyle.

Nanso pieces are made from 50% cotton and 50% modal. This is a great blend because it allows them to hang flatteringly on the body and it prevents wrinkles. This makes Nanso the perfect travel piece. When you pull it out of your luggage, it looks as good as the moment you packed it.

On the left, is a watercolour look on a casual dress. Again, this modern print brings something special to a more conservative profile.

These and other Nanso designs are available in-store now. Pick them up in sizes small through large.