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Sleevey Wonders - Dress Up Your Arms

July 01 2013 – Nena Bill

Sleevey Wonders - Dress Up Your Arms
Sleevey Wonders - Dress Up Your Arms

Love a new outfit but the budget is tight? Try Sleevey Wonders. This great, new product transforms anything sleeveless into a new look by adding mesh or lace sleeves.

How do Sleevey Wonders work? Well, it’s easy. This slip-on set of sleeves goes from just below the bust line and travels down the arm with a full or 3/4 sleeve. The sleeves hug and hide the arm giving an instant “arm lift.”

And Sleeveys are two looks in one. Reverse the Sleevey Wonder to go from a plunge neckline to a scoop neck. This makes them perfect for under dresses, shirts or vests.

Sleevey Wonders take the details into account too. Sleevey Wonders look like a part of your outfit with a no-seam shoulder. They also use spandex to provide a four-direction stretch for fit and comfort.

We’re carrying this new product in both a mesh and lace design in ivory and black. Try one on and wonder how you ever got by without your Sleeveys.