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The Value of a $100 Bra

January 20 2015 – Nena Bill

The Value of a $100 Bra
The Value of a $100 Bra

“$100 for a bra!” you say? “Well that’s plain crazy!”

And if you’re used to shopping in a big box store with cheaply made products, we can understand your surprise. But $100 bras are worth more than just money because of how they make you look and feel, not to mention the longevity of the product.

Consider this for a moment. A latte at Starbucks is $4.15. Many people pick up a latte daily. Well, for one of our best-selling Chantelle bras (under $100), it works out to only $3.50 per month. That’s less than one latte per month for an item of clothing that will sculpt your figure every day.

For a bras over $100, it works out to about $5.50 per month. And these numbers are based on only two years of wear and many clients find our bras are still in perfect condition for even years after that mark. In fact, most of our clients come in not because their bra has worn out, but, rather, because they are looking for a new style or colour to spruce up their underwear drawer.

And the best thing about getting a higher-quality bra is the professional fitting that comes with it so you know that when you wear your bra, you will always look your very best. Why would you settle for less just because an item is on sale.

While we admit, our daily caffeine fix is important, we think the stunning handwork that caresses our skin daily matters too. Join us in-store to see all the ways in which a superior piece of lingerie can make you feel about yourself while also making complete financial sense.

As a quick, final note, we’d like to thank the Comox Valley community for seeking us out during 2014 the holiday season. We enjoyed seeing you and appreciate all the referrals, including those made from other downtown merchants. We are looking forward to a beautiful 2015.