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Singuliere Syrha Push up

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Singuliere Syrha Push up

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"Singuliére - Push Up"

Simone Perele - Sage Triangel - Push-up underwire bra with Guipure embroidery. Perfect for a stunning neckline. Foam basket with embroidery and guipure. Central bridge with V-opening for an even deeper décolleté.
Removable foam baskets to shape the chest and put it in the right position. Padded cotton bags. Underbust band and back made of mesh material.
Adjustable straps with Guipure detail. Lightness and worked details for an elegance with finesse. Mesh back. Stretchable and adjustable straps.

  • Underwired bra with lace.
  • Full cup model.
  • Neckline with feston tip.
  • Three-piece basket for a round shape.
  • Basket with stiff tulle for more grip.
  • Center bridge made of lace, reinforced with stiff tulle.
  • U-shaped tip back.
  • Adjustable and versatile straps with Valenciennes lace: classic or crossed to fit any outfit.
  • Oeko-Tex® certification.

Original Manufacturer Color: Syrah


50% polyamide, 40% polyester, 10% elastane

We Recommend Hand Washing

  1. Use delicate washing powder or liquid, don’t add softener or bleach
  2. Soak bras for 3-5 minutes in cold water (max. 30°), and rinse
  3. Gently press to squeeze out water, do not wring or twist
  4. Avoid folding moulded cups, padded, or t-shirt bras
  5. Lay flat on rack or towel to air dry

But if you must machine wash:

  1. Attach back hooks together to avoid snagging
  2. Use a bra bather or washbag on cool, gentle cycle (max. 30°)
  3. Wash bras of a similar colour and fabric together
  4. Remove promptly and lay flat on a rack or towel to air dry
  5. No tumble dry! (It makes us cry)




The first step is to put your bra on properly.
  • Place your arms through the straps and position the straps on your shoulders.
  • Lean forward and let your breasts naturally fall into the cups.
  • Fasten the hook at the position that is most comfortable preferably in the middle hook position. This will allow you room to loosen and/or tighten the band slightly with minor weight fluctuations. 
  • Position and adjust the back panel by pulling the back panel downwards until the back of your bra is level with the front. Your nipple should sit halfway between your shoulder and elbow.
Then, follow our four-step process to find the bra that fits you right and feels fantastic. You know your bra is fitting you properly when:
  • The back panel of the bra is level with the front, and doesn’t ride up above the clasps.
  • The cups hold the breasts fully, with no extra space and a smooth transition between the cup and your breast.
  • The piece between the breasts lays flat against your chest, holding your bra snugly in place.
  • (Not against the breasts. If the front piece does not sit snugly against your rib cage try a smaller band size. If the front or back clasps are pinching, try a larger band size.
  • Adjust the straps so that they sit snugly on your shoulder, neither so tight that they pinch or mark your flesh nor so loose that they slide off the shoulder.