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Donate a Bra to Help Human Trafficking Survivors

March 13 2013 – Vashti Lehrle

Donate a Bra to Help Human Trafficking Survivors
Donate a Bra to Help Human Trafficking Survivors

You might think of that bra you bought, but didn’t fit, as just clutter, but to Yvonne Moran-Mead and her daughter Demi, 18 they mean much more. Your donated bras means female human trafficking survivors in other parts of the world can start rebuilding their lives.

Yvonne and Demi are collecting bras for an organization called Free the Girls. This organization ships bras to women in other countries, like their shipment to Mozambique whose recipients were sold into prostitution when they were between the ages of eight and 10.

The project in Mozambique was dubbed a success, with the women making up to five times the minimum wage in their area, as second-hand clothing is a profitable market.

According to Yvonne in the Comox Valley Record:

“It’s sustainable because the girls are allowed to have a certain number of bras free of charge and then, in order to keep it going, they pay a small fee to get more bras into it, and they can work and go to school and try to feel better about themselves and their life,” explains Yvonne, “You can see how it can actually change a woman’s life — it’s a big impact.”

Please drop off you new or gently-used bras at Secret Drawers Lingerie at 431 5th Street, Courtenay.

And for more information on the bra donation program, or for other bra pickup points, call Yvonne or Demi at 250-897-3224, e-mail, or visit their website at

Image provided by the Comox Valley Record.